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Keeping your home looking new is a never-ending battle. Between the weather and all of the dirt and grime that accumulates, it's hard to keep up. That's where our soft washing service comes in! We can clean your roof, driveway, and gutters using only safe, environmentally friendly products. Our pressure washing equipment is top of the line, and we have years of experience cleaning homes in Gastonia, NC.

Residential Soft Washing and Power Washing Services

Homeowners care for their homes in different ways but making sure that the exterior looks good and is well-maintained can help increase its value. It may also prevent health issues with you or those who visit your home. 

Clean Home Power Washing offers the best solution for your house washing projects in Gastonia. We offer professional exterior house washing services that will make sure every inch of the property shines! With our expert team on board and years in business, we know what it takes for success without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

The exterior of your home is one area you'll want to keep clean and healthy for the entire lifetime. From stains to moss and bacteria, dirty roofs, house siding, decks and driveway. Not only does an old-looking house appeal less than others do but these issues can also contribute towards other household problems which may shorten its life-span as well. While pressure washing can damage your home and lead to expensive repairs when done incorrectly, softwash is a biodegradable option that can add beauty to your home. 

Clean home Power Washing provides a house soft washing service that will make you feel rest assured because our employees are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who know how to wash homes thoroughly without risking any damage.

Soft Washing Services to Keep Your Home Clean and Protected

When you need a house cleaning in Gastonia and neighboring area including Charlotte, Hunterville, Belmont, Mount Holly, Weddington and Fort Mill, trust the professionals to get it done right. Our professional pressure washing contractor will make sure that your home is free from dirt and mold while preserving its beauty for years to come!  

We also offer a professional gutter cleaning service as an add-on service for all homeowners who hire us for house and roof soft washing service. By maintaining your gutters, you reduce the risk that they will accumulate debris which can lead in turn causes leaks or other malfunctions downpours. 

If you want to get rid of those difficult oils, tire tracks or grease stains from your concrete driveway surface then call Clean Home Power Washing Service. We are experts in driveway cleaning in Gastonia, NC. We can easily remove those difficult stains from your concrete driveway surface. We're trained professionals with experience tackling any challenge!

We strongly advised that you clean your driveways twice a year to maintain their appearance. We at Clean Home Power Washing are here and qualified to do just that at very affordable prices. 

Want to have your roof,  gutter, deck, siding, or driveway cleaned? Schedule an appointment with the professionals Clean Home Power Washing and prepare to be amazed by the results.






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