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Wood fences are an excellent way to add both beauty and security to your home. They come in many different styles, from the classic white picket fence all way up to decorative barriers that can provide privacy or protection. Regardless of the sort of wood fence you choose, it's critical to keep it clean.

There are many ways to clean a wood fence, and the right way depends on the type of wood and how dirty it is. In this blog post, we'll teach you the best ways to clean your wood fence depending on its condition. Keep reading for tips on how to keep your wood fence looking great!

What's The Right Way to Clean a Wood Fence?

Cleaning a wood fence is not difficult, but it does take some time and effort. The first step of cleaning your fencing should be to identify the cause of the stain so you can use appropriate procedures for removing them. Some people opt to use a basic garden hose, bleach, or some type of environmentally friendly cleaner but some require special equipment such as a power washer. After you've cleaned your fence properly, make sure to preserve and protect it.

Find Out Where The Stain Came From

Fences that are frequently exposed to the elements, such as chain-link fences and wood fences, accumulate dirt and stains. The most typical reasons are basic grime and filth as well as more difficult stains caused by mold and mildew. It can also be caused by green algae that might be observed in shady places, such as trees and bushes. Additionally, your fence might be stained by high iron and mineral levels in your sprinkler water.

You should carefully examine the wood for any signs of damage or rotting that may have caused the stain in the first place. If you spot any cracks or holes, these will need to be patched up or replaced before you can move on to cleaning the fence.

In addition, you should carefully inspect the fence for any loose splinters or other debris that could explain the appearance of the stain. Once you have determined what may have caused the stain and addressed any underlying issues, it is time to focus on cleaning and restoring your wood fence.

Whether you choose to use a commercial wood cleaner or opt for something more natural like vinegar and water, make sure that you follow all instructions carefully in order to avoid further damaging your otherwise beautiful wood fence.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing Fence

The best way to clean your wood fence depends on the severity of the stains. If your fence is only lightly stained, you can probably get away with using a garden hose and some bleach. For more difficult stains, you might need to use a pressure washer or power washer service.

The primary distinction between power washing and pressure washing is the heat. The jet wash in a power washer machine uses heated water, whereas the water in a pressure washer is not warmed.

The heated water of a power washer is most evident in difficult-to-clean areas with serious grime, particularly mildew, mold, and grease. The heated water makes it simpler to clean things.

A power washer, according to the Family Handyman, can wear down wood and ruin it if not used correctly. As a result, you'll need the appropriate equipment. A 1,500 to 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch) power washer with a 25-degree spray tip will be required. This will ensure thatYou'll need a 1,500 to 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch) power washer with a 25-degree spray tip. This will ensure that you aren't applying too much pressure and that the solution isn't directed at one area, which could harm the wood.

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