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Graffiti & Rust Removal


Graffiti Vandalism is becoming a significant problem here in the Mecklenburg, Gaston and York County. The residents who call North Carolina their home, can consider themselves lucky. We are fortunate that there is an abundance of things to do; from Amazing Restaurants, Beautiful Scenery, Local Breweries, Nationally recognized Lakes and Rivers, All the way to Our Gorgeous Architecture. If we don’t put our foot down to these Hooligans roaming our streets Tagging our buildings, Signs and Bridges, we are headed for a Long Term Issue of decreasing property values.

Graffiti & Rust Removal


Well, #1, we live here too and we don’t want to see our property values plummet. If you take a look around the United States, you will see a trend in violence with the major cities who have this so called “Street Artwork” from street thugs. Here at – Clean Home Power Washing, we take pride in taking a stand against Vandalism! Peace of mind knowing that their children are safe from exposure to obscene and vulgar “Tags”.


Here is how:
● If you see Graffiti on your property, call us 1st ( We will dispatch within 24 hrs )
● Report to Police & take pictures
● 80 – 90% of the time your Insurance will cover the expenses ( Property Damage )
● Report to your Insurance company Immediately
● Clean Home Power Washing will help in anyway to eliminate any Graffiti; ANYWHERE.
● Take advantage of our premium graffiti removal system and start with a FREE ESTIMATE today.


Graffiti & Rust RemovalRust stains are common on Building Materials such as Siding, Succo, Efit Concrete and other hard surfaces. Irrigation lines are one of the biggest causes. Fertilizer over spray, and garden tools are another one of the typical culprits. Unfortunately, these stains can be very difficult and seem near impossible to get rid of with store-bought products and basic equipment. If you are dealing with rust stains at your home or on your commercial property, Call Clean Home Power Washing!

We have the highest grade rust removal system available along with the proper equipment and training to make these stains a thing of the past! By having the stains washed away with our state of the art methods, we can remove the rust from your Building or Home. If you are looking for the best service in the Charlotte and Gastonia area when it comes to rust removal, you don’t need to look any longer!

Rust will only become more difficult to treat and remove over time, which is why it is important for you to schedule a cleaning appointment sooner rather than later. In most cases we can perform the rust removal on a small test spot, ensuring that you are paying for the results that you want.

We offers the best pricing around, so you can be sure to get rid of your rust stains for an affordable price. Call today to schedule to have your Rust Removed!

Looking for a free estimate? Call us to set up an appointment at 704-214-1485.