Clean Home Power Washing

Deck & Fence Cleaning

Deck & Fence CleaningIf you need deck cleaning services in Belmont, NC, we can help! Clean Home Power Washing are experts at taking your drab, dirty deck and making it look as good as new.

Power washing your deck is necessary to maintenance to care and protect your investment. You should reseal or stain or deck routinely, and that should only be done after a thorough cleaning of the deck. Not only will your deck look better, the removal of mold, algae, and other harmful microorganisms will reduce allergens and other potential health issues that these bring.

We are a family owned and operated business, so we take pride in our employees. We focus on training our technicians and encourage them to stay current on new power washing techniques that are available. Our Deck & Fence Cleaningexperienced and professional technicians look forward to doing the heavy-duty work for you so you can sit back and enjoy a revitalized deck.

Our technicians use superior equipment compared to many of our competitors. Safety is a top priority for our technicians, so you can expect we use equipment that is also safe on your deck. We also seek to keep you and the environment safe by using just the right amount of cleaning solutions to give you the best result possible.

If you are ready to give your deck a good, powerful clean, contact us today! We take pride in providing customers with excellent, reliable service that you can trust and a price that you can afford.

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